Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is the art of going really, really fast in a vehicle with an engine modified to do so. NASCAR is the loudest and proudest form of stock car racing, beloved by many. Many car enthusiasts love stock car racing because it is seen as a challenge. How fast can you make a car go? How can you modify the body to allow the most aerodynamic form? How can you modify the engine to give it the most horsepower and the most efficiency? We have our own vehicles that we modified specifically for the track, for your viewing pleasure. Contact us today for more information concerning stock car racing. We may help you with any questions, these may include:


  • Street stock cars
  • Super stock cars, which may have engine modifications
  • Late model cars which allow for the most modifications
Stock Car Racing
Stock Car 2

Keeping it Classic

We have been established since 1982, with experience from as early as the 1960s! You won’t find anyone with more knowledge and passion about corvettes than Roberts Corvette and Classics. We are a Michigan certified family owned business and a part of the National Corvette Restore Society and Corvette America, so you know you can count on us.

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